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我就是覺得lab的規矩嚴格到有點過分的程度,還以爲只是做做樣子,原來HDD是精密儀器……平時我對待我的IBM的態度看來,我原來是缺少常識…… 所以你的硬盤在正常的空間裏,一打開就廢了……

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  I know Electronic Product fails even with good QC. – Good QC means statistically sufficiently good enough for quality specification — maybe 99% of them do not fail within the first 1 year. THE REST FAILS.   At the … Continue reading

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思想机械化一点的时候很多东西就像算术一样一个个解决了 生活很容易程序化的 方法对了 事情会变得容易 在很多这样的小时之后    就疲惫枯竭了   我是懒人 所以需要一些disorder   不可以预料的mood swing Life never fails to surprise me,caught  completely unprepared shocked               astonished                stoned the more i know of, the more i am get used to, the greater disturbance i will drag myself … Continue reading

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what time is it?!!

  singpaore is in Zone SGT+7, BUT, we are using the same time zone as China SGT+8!   // but the GST is now 7%, will increase to 8% in the future imo… increasing increasing…   why why why so weird~! … Continue reading

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my first programming lecture

Did you HATE windows ever? haha must go to see the pic, can only upload this way, sighs ( i am sorry the words on the notes arent clear enough… anw, the whole idea is windows is stupid)   the … Continue reading

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