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The Flux of F across S

My math lecturer did entertain us through our studies this sem… Mathematician: Hey, I have been able to define mathematically the physical quantity you are interested in. It is more general than what you want to know. Physicist: Fine. But … Continue reading

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喜歡校内 有一個很有才的學妹 寫了很有才的雜文 我知道她不是無病呻吟 還是有病? 還是大渡河的水讓我們的腦子裏殘留了同樣的泥漿 或是 這又是一個水瓶 散向四面八方的字 打著旋兒 漂走了 我看到了你的困惑和笑容 醒來 躺在面前還是那一張Green’s Therom的多元微積分習題 像外星人的文字 可笑的是 我竟然還能看懂 但卻無心提筆

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