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山寨版 Advertisements

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剛剛看了蔡康永的《你當然可以任性的拒絕》 大致意思說,拒絕學習比學習來得容易。在年輕彷徨而不知道目標的時候應該多學東西為將來提供可能。 這個跟我媽的理論大致上是一樣的,在年輕彷徨不知道嫁給誰的時候應該多交男朋友為將來提供可能。 我知道你很無語。 Sometimes, Statistics is not applicable.

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In case that someone does not know the bidding round 1A start on 2nd Jan, here is a small gentle reminder. I didn’t know when bidding started on 30th December. Here goes again CORS and IVLE IVLE stands for NUS … Continue reading

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