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When you broke your perfume

Most of the perfume bottles are made of glass, not the fragile type, but still likely to be broken, because you display your pretty bottles near the edge of tables or ranks, and you get your hands on them frequently. … Continue reading

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I love my room


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Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed

在这个每天要面对着电脑做coding状的时刻 我需要  

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The House Bunny

During lunch hour, me:    Want watch Movie? Gong: What Movie? me:    House Bunny Gong: What’s it about? me:    Some American Comedy. A pretty model, but kind of stupid, and … Gong: okay, I am interested. me:    …

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Harry: There are two kind of women in the world – the one with high maintenance and the one with low maintenance. Sally: which one am I? Harry: You are the worst – the one with high maintenance but think … Continue reading

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从成龙跟李连杰乱来的Journey to the West开始养成不看完整部电影的毛病 后来发生在《dark knight》《mama mia》《Money No Enough》还有《画皮》身上。以至于对电影百般挑剔。 也有看完的,比如<Rebecca>, 只能怪他太Classic. 实在是经典。不过早于1940年的电影,找起来的确辛苦。 IMDb 相应的给了很高的评估 – 8.4/10 out of 26,265 voters. P.S. 后来想想,有时间的话,不要再只看了一半了。

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Learn How to Cook

红烧鸡 干煸四季豆 还有一个排骨汤在炖着 食堂越来越没有吸引力

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