I like Josh Lucas in the Poseidon
esp the way he laughs… he laughs when nobody can actually laugh. and he felt disappointed when nobody felt the same way… He doesnt know when he works for himself or when he works for others. but he is surely a daredevil and loves the state of being broke… he is like someone says, ‘i am not wise, not kind, but surely black’, but still kind hearted after all.
but the movie is just a so-so disaster type… just that the ship is up-side-down at the very beginning of the entire show.
feel so lucky that the director did not make him die in the end… but the stupid director really made so many ppl die in the movie. I cried for the first one, coz my poor heart could not take it, but become numbed in the end. (it doesnt mean that my heart become stronger…) what is the point??
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  1. Yix says:

    i watched Da Vinci Code yesterday. so-so. expecting X-Man

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